The Rising Demand Of Modafinil Among Professionals To Enhance The Cognition


In a meta-analysis recently published in one of the health-based publications in Europe, the medical researchers from the top-notch universities concluded that the oral drug—Modafinil, which is approved by FDA for the treatment of narcolepsy also include properties of nootropics. In simple terms, it was found that a large dose of modafinil could help a normal person to think better.

The research reports manifested, modafinil contains the properties of “smart drugs,” which could make an improvement in cognitive function of the brain and could produce a positive effect in the decision-making and planning. A part of the study also revealed that the medicinal compound cause gains in flexible thinking and ability in compiling every piece of information stored in the memory cells.  The drug was not found to have any negative effect on the creative abilities of the brain.

“The effect of modafinil became more evident when it was tested on random participants and they were given more complex tasks to perform. The cognitive benefits were clearly observed when each individual carried out the complex task with ease,” said a veteran neuropsychologist from a reputed university in England.

The researchers didn’t find any side-effect on the participants subsequent to the studies, though they cleared that the whole research study was conducted in a controlled environment.

Modafinil is one of the rare drugs which has been categorized in the scheduled IV substances by the Food and Drug Association (FDA), due to its low potential for drug abuse. Modafinil is one drug which is increasingly used by college students and professionals seeking higher productivity. As per the records, just over one per cent of the adults was found to be taking ADHD medications in the year 2008, but that number has tripled over the span of 9 years.

Modafinil works by stimulating the receptors of the central nervous system, which releases histamine that promotes wakefulness and makes the individual more alert. Modafinil has also been found to work on the neurotransmitters in the brain, which as a result allows the user to execute complex cognitive tasks with ease.

However, FDA doesn’t clarify the long-term side-effect of modafinil on the user but indicates that if the drug is taken for a short period of time, there is a slim chance to suffer from any unpleasant consequence.

It’s clearly stated by doctors that modafinil is not preferred for perfectly healthy people who expect that the dose of this pharmaceutical nootropic will make them an overnight superhero. Still, psychiatrists say this drug is perfectly healthy to take for patients of sleep disorders like narcolepsy. To experience the brain-enhancing effect of cheap modafinil, the drug can be taken in mild doses, if someone chooses to take it regularly. You can feel the positive effect of this medication on your cognitive function, as long as you don’t get too ambitious and stick to the recommended doses of this modern and real life “limitless pill.”

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