The Mystery Behind Modafinil And The Following Controversies


People can be heard talking about cognitive enhancement drugs or smart drugs quite often these days. As it is deemed that the athlete’s performance gets enhanced by the use of steroidal compounds, the same way the latest studies suggests that the abrupt grown intelligence in some students and professionals can be due to the use of any brain-enhancing drug – “Modafinil”.

Modafinil is classified as a eugeroic drug, which was originally created to treat a medical problem like narcolepsy—a syndrome in which the affected person suffers by sudden bouts of nap attack. It was also formulated to palliate the mental health issues like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Modafinil Products was also approved by FDA to treat problems like Alzheimer and other sleep disorder. Initially, the use of the drug “Modafinil” was limited and only those who got affected by any of the aforementioned medical problems resorted to the use of the medicinal compound. Modafinil was rediscovered as a drug which could have an off-label use for enhancing the functionalities of the brain.

Although there is no clear source, it is said that several defence departments chose to use modafinil to instil alertness and improve the reaction time of the deployed troops in the war situation. The feedback received by the personnel of the use of modafinil was deemed as positive.

The Controversies About Modafinil

If you consume too much of anything, no matter the most nutritious of the food will have a negative impact on the health. Once the news was circulated in media, the internet was inundated with the articles on modafinil; the use of modafinil to enhance the cognitive function of the brain was majorly highlighted in each write-up. Most of the students got engrossed by this drug and started a regular use of this drug which held properties of eugeroics as well as nootropics. The experimental use of modafinil gave a lot of benefits to the users of the drug which gradually made the users of the medication be totally dependent on it. Students who didn’t even reach the mark of adulthood regularly started to buy modafinil over-the-counter and started to take potent doses of modafinil which indeed impacted their overall health negatively. But, that was all due to the improper usage of the medicine and all the controversy came to an end when several doctors from medical institutes became the proponent of this medication and released statements which were clearly indicating that the negative effect of Modafinil on the users was only due to improper use and taking the drug in excessive amount.

Some Scientists Came Into Defense Of Modafinil and Other Smart Drugs

Some claims suggested the comparisons of “smart drugs” to steroids but several elite scientists opposed this claim and stated, “we could rather relate smart drugs to vitamins.” Subsequently, different studies were conducted on some classical brain stimulants (including Modafinil), the research studies involved the best of the neurologists. Based on the studies, the scientists reached a conclusion and declared mostly all the smart drugs safe for the use of cognition enhancement. It was publically told by the scientists that anyone who would suffer from the problems of attentiveness and weak memory can get benefits from the use of a smart drug like Modafinil. 

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