Story Of The Limitless Pills—Modafinil

Modafinil tablets

So, how many of you watched a movie about some magical pills which increases the ability of the brain of the antagonist, and he goes on to do some miraculous acts in the movie. Well, the concept of the movie is from someone with extreme creative bent! Isn’t that what you are thinking? Well, yeah! to some extent creativity, but what if you get to know something like that really exists in reality? Gobsmacked? Let’s know about it in detail here…!

Modafinil Tablets

About the discovery
Modafinil—a medical compound which was first formulated for several defence soldiers to target the process of their brain and make their more alert and active in the warfare and other crucial operations. This generic compound—Modafinil is approved by FDA and endorsed as a wakefulness-promoting agent. It was first discovered that the composition of this drug can treat narcolepsy and sleep apnea. But later, with the evolution in the R&D, a few studies discovered that, out of the two enantiomers of this composition—R-enantiomer & S-enantiomer, the former works specifically on the cognitive process of the brain whereas the later targets the central nervous system and exudes chemicals which help to keep the user awake avoid the frequent nap attacks.

Subsequent to this study, the scientists did following experiments on R-enantiomer, when led to the discovery of armodafinil (concentrated R-enantiomer). The synthesis of Armodafinil primarily targets the cognitive response of the brain and makes the user more alert and sharpen the memory.

It’s Already Out There available For You
Most of the readers will be astounded to know that a branded form of generic armodafinil is already available in the pharmaceutical market today and being sold by the name of Artvigil. As per the surveys, thousands of young college students have already tried these pills and have found a major difference in their memorisation ability. Dozens of students found improvement in their academic scores on the use of armodafinil and many working professionals also don’t cease raving about this novelty of a drug.

Although every individual does not need it, those who believe they need an extra edge in their life and want to reach another level of intellect can sure try this once. After all, who doesn’t like something extra in life!

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