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Improve the performance of brain and treat the narcoleptic syndrome with the help of the Food and Drug Organisation licensed drug called Modafinil.

Is Neuroenhancement Possible With Modafinil?

The growth of the human race has been drastic over millions of years, the evolution of human being has empowered the race to be intellectually capable to make the advances in the science and technology. There have always been topics of discussions about the human intelligence and indeed human is the most intelligent species on the earth but the ambition of men has driven the medical sciences to discover ways for “neuroenhancement,” i.e. the ways to improve the functionality of the brain. Due to the advances of medical science and huge demands by people in the fast-paced world, researchers have ... Read more

A Complete Guide To The Dosage Instructions Of Modafinil

People have been reading a lot about Modafinil as a pharmaceutical nootropic agent but there has been a lot of wrong information circulating on the internet about the eugeroic drug. Through this write-up, you get an insight of the drug—Modafinil and will know about the right dosage and effect of this medication on different ailments. The Approval Status Of Modafinil By Food and Drug Association (FDA) Modafinil was first approved by FDA for the treatment of narcolepsy and it was clearly stated in the reports of FDA that the doses of modafinil to treat narcolepsy could vary between 100 to ... Read more

Evidence OF Modafinil On Cognitive Enhancement

Modafinil’s efficacy on cognitive function of the brain has always been called into question by the critics of the drug, but each time the facts associated with the medicinal compound and the supportive statements from the reputed medical practitioners and medical establishments have subdued the claims made on the effect of this pharmaceutical nootropic. Modafinil is a new age nootropic agent which is scientifically classified in the eugeroic class of drugs and has been proven effective in the enhancement of the cognition performance of the brain. The pharmaceutical product has been categorized as a schedule IV substance for its low ... Read more

The Rising Demand Of Modafinil Among Professionals To Enhance The Cognition

In a meta-analysis recently published in one of the health-based publications in Europe, the medical researchers from the top-notch universities concluded that the oral drug—Modafinil, which is approved by FDA for the treatment of narcolepsy also include properties of nootropics. In simple terms, it was found that a large dose of modafinil could help a normal person to think better. The research reports manifested, modafinil contains the properties of “smart drugs,” which could make an improvement in cognitive function of the brain and could produce a positive effect in the decision-making and planning. A part of the study also revealed ... Read more

The Mystery Behind Modafinil And The Following Controversies

People can be heard talking about cognitive enhancement drugs or smart drugs quite often these days. As it is deemed that the athlete’s performance gets enhanced by the use of steroidal compounds, the same way the latest studies suggests that the abrupt grown intelligence in some students and professionals can be due to the use of any brain-enhancing drug – “Modafinil”. Modafinil is classified as a eugeroic drug, which was originally created to treat a medical problem like narcolepsy—a syndrome in which the affected person suffers by sudden bouts of nap attack. It was also formulated to palliate the mental ... Read more

Modafinil—The Wakefulness Promoting Drug Which Contains Properties Of Nootropics

Today, a large group of people have found their faith in the efficacy of Modafinil for improving their mental capabilities. Be it a college student, a businessman or any professional, who is thriving in his white-collared job, people from different walks of life are slowly knowing about this medical compound and are resorting to the use of modafinil to achieve something extra in their lives. Proponents of the brain-enhancing drugs always back the medicine “Modafinil” whereas a lot of scepticism can be seen from people who aren’t so impressed by this psychoactive substance yet.  Such critics are often heard giving ... Read more

Improve Your Intelligence With Modafinil Tablets

Intelligence can be defined as the ability to attain knowledge and apply it in the form of skills. It is the capability of putting efficiency and calibre to bring out the best outcomes. Every human being holds this ability, however, the level of intelligence may vary from person to person. In addition to this, intelligence is one of the most important factors to stand against all the odds of life and make most of the skills to reach the pinnacle of success. In such cases, people with low intelligence have to struggle a lot with their inner and outer conflicts ... Read more

Story Of The Limitless Pills—Modafinil

So, how many of you watched a movie about some magical pills which increases the ability of the brain of the antagonist, and he goes on to do some miraculous acts in the movie. Well, the concept of the movie is from someone with extreme creative bent! Isn’t that what you are thinking? Well, yeah! to some extent creativity, but what if you get to know something like that really exists in reality? Gobsmacked? Let’s know about it in detail here…! Modafinil Tablets About the discovery Modafinil—a medical compound which was first formulated for several defence soldiers to target the ... Read more