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Improve the performance of brain and treat the narcoleptic syndrome with the help of the Food and Drug Organisation licensed drug called Modafinil.

Most Common Causes Of Narcolepsy

The number of people around the world who are facing the medical problem of narcolepsy is at a constant rise. Despite the growth of this ailment in different geographical regions, there is very less information available regarding this sleep-triggering disease.  It is a common misbelief that narcolepsy is caused by the deficiency of a brain chemical called orexin, produced in the brain which is responsible to regulate sleep. Also, it is misbelieved that the lack of orexin or hypocretin production is caused due to a weak immune system. It becomes inevitable to shed light on some of the scientific causes ... Read more

5 Proven Benefits Of Modafinil

Classified by the medical associations as a eugeroic drug, Modafinil has also been discovered as an effective nootropic agent which has proven benefits in improving the brain function, which is just too hard to ignore. Out of many known benefits of modafinil tablets, the nootropic characteristic of the drug has recently caused a lot of popularity about this wakefulness-promoting drug. Till date, there are 5 proven benefits of modafinil. Let’s know about each one of them in detail:  1.) Modafinil Tablets Promote Wakefulness—An Ideal Remedy for Narcolepsy In the beginning, the formulation of modafinil was done solely to target the ... Read more

Best Natural Ways To Fight Narcoleptic Syndrome

Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological disorder which causes excessive sleepiness and sleep-paralysis. The health condition can cause hallucinations which impact the quality of life of a person quite negatively. Studies suggest that in the UK more than 200,000 people are affected by this syndrome and most of the reported patients of narcolepsy face a huge decline in their career and academics. The known symptoms of the disease include uncertain bouts of nap attacks and overwhelming fatigue, usually start during adolescence but there has been no fixed age to be affected by this disease. Unfortunately, despite the advances in medical science, ... Read more

Best 5 Tricks To Increase Your IQ

It might be astounding for many of the people but there is a recently discovered society here on the planet earth which is flourishing with the new members with high IQs.  This society is called “Mensa” (aka Nerd Herd)—probably considered as a secretive society but a curious or an exploring brain must have bumped into this name somewhere in the vast world of information technology. To get into this elite group of Nerd Herd, you need to take a test and need to score amongst the toppers of the test. Only top 2 percent qualifiers are given the privilege to ... Read more

Natural Methods To Improve The Cognitive Function Of The Brain

There are lots of talk and research about the brain workout but science is still unambiguous about it. There is a big misconception among people that the “brain-training games” can improve the brain health and hones the cognitive function.  But, the scientific facts totally deny such beliefs. According to the scientific studies conducted on the subject of “neuroscience,” brain-training games could have some benefits on the problem-solving ability of the brain but it is highly unlikely that it could optimize the brain-function and promote neurogenesis (the process of growth of new neurons). Scientists suggest that it is highly improbable that ... Read more

Best Food Items Which Can Be Taken With Modafinil To Boost The Brain Performance

The numbers of users of modafinil have been rapidly increasing but there are ways which can further bolster the effect of modafinil on the brain function. Modern day man, whether a mature white-collared professional or a college going student, all seem to be quite convinced about the positive effect of modafinil on the brain. Most people simply rely on the regular dose of the pharmaceutical nootropics and expect a big change in their intelligence. Though the reports of the scientific studies on modafinil prove that the cheap modafinil tablets can really improve the cognitive ability of a mentally healthy individual ... Read more

Modafinil Can React With Certain Food And Drugs

Modafinil is a wakefulness enhancing drug and a non-stimulant pharmaceutical nootropic which is used to treat several sleep disorders like narcolepsy, shift-work disorder and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Modafinil is also prescribed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as well. A regular ingestion of modafinil tablets can counter the bad bouts of nap attacks an individual faces while he/she goes through a phase of a narcoleptic syndrome. In addition to the sleep disorder related troubles, modafinil is taken by college students and white-collared professionals to experience the boost in their cognitive function. However, the new age nootropics “Modafinil” has several ... Read more

Modafinil Can Help When Work Gets Just Too Much

  Some of the readers might get perplexed with the aforementioned title. Some of the people might be acquainted with the term “Modafinil”, as this is a wakeful-promoting drug and widely recommended for the treatment of narcolepsy around the world. But, the lesser known fact about modafinil is that the drug has an off-label use for improving the cognitive function of the brain. In laymen terms, it improves the overall intelligence and sharpness of the brain. There are times when the pressure at your workplace takes a toll at you and your brain goes through a turbulent phase. At such ... Read more

What Is Modafinil?

Perhaps you have read about this term somewhere or maybe you haven’t.  The following information is for the purpose to educate those people who are not very familiar to the pharmaceutical product and the following content might enhance the knowledge of those as well who has some rudimentary knowledge about the drug “Modafinil”. Modafinil was first formulated with the purpose of helping the patients with narcolepsy, who suffer from the unwelcoming bouts of sleep attacks in the midday. It’s a medical condition where a patient loses his/her control over sleep and conk out at random moments. The narcoleptic syndrome is ... Read more

A Comparison of Armodafinil And Modafinil On Different Parameters

There have been numerous questions related to the novel drug “Modafinil.”Due to limited information regarding the drug, seekers of this drug can’t gain the required knowledge. Modafinil is categorised as a eugeroic by Food and Drug Association (FDA) and has been registered as a scheduled IV substance i.e. a pharmaceutical drug which has very low potential for drug abuse. In simple terms, the drug is called a wakefulness-promoting medication which fights narcolepsy and other sleep disorders quite efficiently. The pharmaceutical nootropics—Modafinil has been developed over a period of time and pharmaceutical manufacturers have come up with a modified version of ... Read more