Raise The Bar Of Your IQ With Modafinil Tablets

Raise The Bar Of Your IQ With Modafinil Tablets

The acronym used IQ stands for Intelligent Quotient which can be defined as the ability of the brain to read or observe data from any source and interpret that data to compile valuable information through it. IQ can also be defined in another terms “the ability of the brain to think critically and respond in a favourable way on a certain situation.”

The first ever method which was introduced by science to scale the IQ level of human brain was with the name of Binet and Simon. This method was discovered in the early 20th century. Since then several other methods have been discovered and approved as the medium for calculating the IQ level of brain.

Classification Of IQ Level

  • The average IQ level of the human brain is considered 100.
  • In an individual, if the IQ level is found below 90 is categorized as mentally inefficient.
  • Some individuals may score between 100 to 120 in the IQ tests, they are categorised as intellectually sharp.
  • Those with IQ levels above 120 and below 140 are tagged as highly intelligent.
  • In rare cases, science has registered the data of some people who have score above 140 in the IQ tests, they are revered as genius.

The Advent Of Brain-boosting Drug Modafinil Extended The Chance To Experience Intellectual Growth

Brain is the biggest asset and weapon of a human. As people fathom the value of intelligence they get hell-bent to find methods to become witty and increase their intelligence level. Such aspirations of people encouraged scientists and pharmaceutical companies to delve into the experimental work in discovering aids which can medically improve human intelligence. Modafinil is the result of such rigorous work from scientists. Modafinil tablets were first discovered and approved for the treatment of a disease called narcolepsy. Later, scientists discovered that the wakefulness property of the drug can help in improving the cognitive function of the brain as well. Ever since, the drug was marketed as an aid for neuroenhancement. The production of cheap modafinil tablets increased rapidly and almost every pharmacy started trading this medicine which was sought-after among people. The drug has abundance of positives and has proven effect on IQ level of brain, but it should be remembered that only people with normal mental abilities shall buy modafinil since the drug doesn’t produce an optimum effect on people who have IQ below 100. Modafinil is a generic compound and due to patent laws the generic version of the medicine is difficult to procure. However, this drug can be legally purchased under the trade name of Modalert tablets and Vilafinil.

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