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R-Modawake 150mg pills are composed of Armodafinil, which is an enantiopure compound of Modafinil. This medicine can be used for the treatment of apnea and narcolepsy.

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About R-Modawake 150mg Pills

What is R-Modawake?

R-Modawake is the branded version of Armodafinil drug from eugeroic drug class (wakefulness promoting agent). The scientific experiments conducted using this drug proved this agent to be effective on somnolence. This drug also proves to be an active agent which can improve the cognitive function of the brain. It falls into the category of nootropics due to its positive effect on the brain’s cognition process.

 Dosage Recommendation

  • Where as modafinil UK, is recommended by doctors to be taken in 200mg, Armodafinil based R Modawake can be similar or more effective with a dosage of just 150 mg in a day. It is advised to take this medicine in the morning if you target to counter the effect of narcolepsy and sleep apnea.
  • Take one of these Armodafinil tablets before you involve yourself in any work plan. This will improve your concentration and will improve the response time of the brain.

Possible Side effects

Armodafinil may cause some effects in its early stage of use, especially if someone is on another prescription drug.

Following are some of the side effects one may feel during the initial doses of these Armodafinil tablets.

  • Headache
  • Anxiety
  • Diarrhoea

Following precautions you must take before you consider resorting to this Armodafinil based drug:

  • if you are pregnant, try avoiding this drug as it may cause some harm to the fetus.
  • if you are taking any prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, nutritional supplements or herbal treatments then avoid taking this medication.
  • if you have any allergies to medicines or foods, don’t consider taking these pills.
  • if there is any personal or family history of mental illness, strictly refrain from giving this medication to that person.
  • Armodafinil tablets are not recommended if you have any kidney or liver problems.

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