Modafinil UK – Privacy Policy

Modafinil UK has fixed a privacy policy for its customers, which mandates keeping the personal information of its customers completely confidential. We keep a record of this information to help our customers experience our expedient services.

We hold accountability of the personal information of our customers. Also, we can not share it with third parties. Our trained employees assure complete protection and security of the information provided by our consumers. However, we will take our customer’s consent before using your personal information for any such purposes. 

We may use this personal information to promote the latest offers and exciting deals. In case, one refuses to share such information, we won’t be able to provide with such services. Also, our customers’ consent is kept private and taken into consideration. We collect personal information only for authorized purposes and will keep it as long as the purpose is accomplished.

If we require personal information for a new purpose, prior consent will be taken from our customers. Also, we may use or disclose this information if any of our customers need to be informed urgently due to an emergency. This may include a threat to life, health and security of the customer.

We protect the personal information of our customers through standard security tools and safeguard the sensitivity of the information shared. We follow a practice of protecting the personal information of our customers and preventing its unauthorized use in the best way possible.

At, we require two types of information from our valued customers:

Identifiable – This is personal information such as your name, address, email address, telephone number and banking details. None of these details will be shared with any third-parties.

Non-Identifiable – This includes information such as IP addresses, browser history and operating system details.

We may, from time to time, use the email address you have provided to make you aware of any up and coming discounts. Google is a third-party vendor that may use our website to advertise. The company adopts the best market related security policies and features, ensuring online safety to all our members and visitors. Our top-level security is what makes us stand tall as a reputable online pharmacy. uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption with all payment transactions. We will not hesitate to hand the details of anyone engaging in suspicious activity to the respective authorities.