Is Neuroenhancement Possible With Modafinil?

Neuroenhancement Possible

The growth of the human race has been drastic over millions of years, the evolution of human being has empowered the race to be intellectually capable to make the advances in the science and technology. There have always been topics of discussions about the human intelligence and indeed human is the most intelligent species on the earth but the ambition of men has driven the medical sciences to discover ways for “neuroenhancement,” i.e. the ways to improve the functionality of the brain.

Due to the advances of medical science and huge demands by people in the fast-paced world, researchers have formulated a drug like “Modafinil” which has been licensed by Food and Drug Organisation (FDA) as nootropics and a eugeroic which can treat narcoleptic syndrome and enhance the performance of the brain as well. The fact that the drug has been issued a license by a global medical establishment proves that the pharmaceutical nootropic has passed a broad range of safety checks.

Since the drug became a licensed pharmaceutical drug, many people with the issues of sleep disorders started to show faith in the medicine. The most astounding thing was that a large portion of the modafinil users wrote about the drug in their reviews that the medication not only helped them to deal with their narcoleptic syndrome but also made them experience a change in their cognitive function of the brain. These reviews drew the attention of several medical institutes towards the eugeroic drug and multiple studies were conducted subsequently.

Two of the most famous universities of UK conducted a study on modafinil, the research study included multiple participants on who the drug—Modafinil was tested. All the volunteers were given the same dose modafinil and were kept under close observation. On the evaluation of each case most of the reports were positive, but later the results were often mixed. This led to further investigation of every individual user of modafinil and it was found that modafinil would have a positive effect on individuals who are mentally fit and on those on who modafinil didn’t show the explicit positive effect on cognitive function were suffering from random head injuries or brain-related problems.

After the research reports were circulated around the world, people’s faith in the nootropic agent—Modafinil was further strengthened and the sale of the brain-enhancing drug increased significantly. Moreover, people who wish to experience the improvement in their cognitive ability, memory function and concentration, they can buy modafinil online from a trusted platform like without any prescription.

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