Natural Methods To Improve The Cognitive Function Of The Brain

Cognitive Function

There are lots of talk and research about the brain workout but science is still unambiguous about it. There is a big misconception among people that the “brain-training games” can improve the brain health and hones the cognitive function.  But, the scientific facts totally deny such beliefs.

According to the scientific studies conducted on the subject of “neuroscience,” brain-training games could have some benefits on the problem-solving ability of the brain but it is highly unlikely that it could optimize the brain-function and promote neurogenesis (the process of growth of new neurons).

Scientists suggest that it is highly improbable that sitting on a chair and playing a so-called” brain-training video game” on a two-dimensional screen. For a complete brain exercise, one needs to engage both hemispheres of the cerebrum and cerebellum. This can be done by exploring and learning new things from the lively three-dimensional world—not by spending sedentary time while gazing at the visuals of the cyber reality.

In the stiff competition of the world, people don’t care about the reasoning of anything, all they want is the prompt solution to their problem. With the ambition to get the best of their cognitive function, hundreds of thousands of people are in constant search for a panacea which can make them the “Einstien” of the modern day. Although medical science has revealed some pharmaceutical nootropics or smart drugs like modafinil tablets and armodafinil in the recent times, the experts never advise the individuals to solely rely on these brain-boosting compounds to experience the growth in their cognition.

According to the recent discovery, the following habits can help an individual to stave off the cognitive decline for a lifespan and can bolster the effect of nootropics like modafinil:

  • Physical Activity—It doesn’t only keep your body fit but also improves the mental health.

The elite researchers of a reputed Medical Institute discovered the evidence that certain hormones released during any physical activity are actually beneficial for the brain. It improves the memory function and also improves the cognitive ability.

The same theory was supported by another study conducted by a medical institute in the southwest of England, and the reports manifested that the specific molecule called “Irisin” produced during any endurance exercise has neuroprotective effects i.e. it protects from the degradation of neurons.

Therefore, you should think over your lifestyle once again and shall devote a good one hour to a session of physical exercises.

  • Don’t Restrain Your Curiosity and Creativity

In a study of a state university of USA, it was found that children who have an inclination towards art and craft often have a better cognitive response than the ones who follow the conventional paths paved by the society. People who have a natural tendency to be a little creative in their thoughts and actions would have a better cognitive performance. So, other than grinding out in your day job or memorizing your textbook chapters, try to think out of the box, push your creative bent a bit more. All these efforts can actually improve the brain health.

Group of Diverse Business People in a Meeting
  • Start Socialising—It might hone the cognitive response time.

A study from the University of Chicago suggests that cognitive decline could be caused by lack of social interaction. Those people who are introvert by nature and don’t like socialising with others might develop the habit of inhibiting their emotions and thoughts, this could cause elevated blood pressure and raise the level of the stress hormone called “cortisol.” All these factors collectively impact the cognitive function of the brain.

So, it might be not too late for you, displaying your uninhibited emotions doesn’t always cause embarrassment. In fact, it will help your brain to feel stress-free and will help in the prevention of cognitive decline, over the time.

Trying the aforesaid steps can help you significantly to experience the growth of cognitive performance. If you are among those who just can’t rely on the natural methods then you can resort to the use of cheap modafinil tablets, which you can easily get across several online drug stores. Modafinil is one of the few scientifically tested and clinically proven pharmaceutical “smart drug” which enable the central nervous system to exude certain endogenous chemicals that helps in the improvement of cognitive function of the brain. But, before you buy modafinil online you shall make sure that you haven’t sustained any brain-injury as these certified and cheap modafinil tablets only work on a completely healthy brain.

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