Your Intelligence Level Can Be Raised With Modafinil Tablets

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An average Joe can become a canny and quick-witted individual over a span of just a few weeks! Yes, you can grow your intelligence level. Sounds like magic, right? But, it’s not just a mere fantasy. The goal of becoming a whip-smart person is viable through a new age smart drug called Modafinil. And, many of you might already have heard and read about this nootropic agent. Perhaps, some are already using this medicine and reaping the benefits as well. Now, the question arises that how can we firmly say that modafinil tablets can boost your intelligence level. Actually, the scientific studies and the positive experience of the existing users of modafinil substantiated the claims of the proponents of modafinil that it can be instrumental in neuroenhancement.

What is Modafinil And How Does It Affect Intelligence?

A group of scientists discovered modafinil in the 1970s for treating the disease called Narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a medical condition where a person suffers from uncontrollable bouts of sleep. Soon after, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) also approved modafinil as an effective pharmaceutical compound for alleviating the intensity of sleep attacks. Later, in 1990, the pharmaceutical product drew the attention of a bunch of scientists for its wakefulness property. With further R&D, the scientists were able to reformulate the compound which led to the discovery of Armodafinil. Surprisingly, this new enantiomer of Modafinil possessed more potential than its predecessor. And, it proved to be producing wakefulness and alertness in the brain.

How Modafinil Helps The Brain?

Anatomy of the working mechanism of the medicine showed that the active molecules of the medicine directly interacts with the brain neurons and establish new paths for the transmission of data. Moreover, the greater number of paths allows the information to flow inside the brain much faster. The enhanced speed of processing the information enhances the cognitive ability of the person. Therefore, the user of the medicine can think faster, becomes witty and assimilate the complex things with ease.

Modafinil and Armodafinil are both generic forms of the pharmaceutical compounds. Hence, these compounds are not available in the raw form in the pharmacies. If someone wants to buy modafinil they can choose Modnite, which is an economical, trustworthy and best brand of modafinil in the US and the UK. In the case of Armodafinil, R-modawake is a brand which medical practitioners endorse openly.

Statistics On Sales Of Modafinil

According to the statistics of Research and Markets, in the global pharmaceutical market, till 2014, the net sales value of modafinil was worth 1.1 billion GBP. Market analysts forecast these numbers to reach over 5.5 billion GBP by 2024; no wonder people are confidently choosing to buy modafinil in UK and in the rest of the world, over any other nootropic. If we talk about the specific geographical location like the UK, the sales figures of Armodafinil skyrocketed since early 2018.

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