A Brief On Human IQ And Proven Method To Boost Intelligence

Human IQ And Proven Method To Boost Intelligence

The topic of human intelligence has been widely popular all over the world but a layman doesn’t have the easy access to any of the scientific facts which are pertinent to this subject. This article is prepared with the vision to educate a common person about Intelligence Quotient (IQ). An effort has also been made through this article to give a lucid picture of the difference between a Low IQ score and High IQ score. Also, you will understand how to define the intelligence level of a person who possesses a certain IQ score.

Classification of Human IQ Levels 

Human IQ Score


Term Used To Define The Mental Health

1 – 24

Profound Mental Disability

25 – 39

Acute Mental Disability

40 – 54

Moderate Mental Disability

55 – 69

Mild Mental Disability

70 – 79

Borderline Mental Disability

80 – 89

Low-average Cognitive Health

90 – 115

Average Cognitive Health

116 – 129

Average-high Cognitive Health

129 – 140


141 and above


There are numerous tests available through which human IQ can be measured. To get an estimate of the human Intelligence Quotient (IQ), you can even take up a simple set of Q&A available on different websites, which are specifically designed to discern the intelligence level of an individual.

The term “Intelligence Quotient” or IQ is directly reciprocal to the human intelligence. In scientific terms, IQ is the name given to the score derived from a standardized test designed to rate the overall intelligence level in a person. This method of scaling the intelligence level was first discovered by science in the early 1900s and the official name given to such test was “Binet-Simon Test.” The scientist who held the sold credit for the discovery of this test used this specially designed intelligence rating method to help the French Government to identify those people who were affected by cognitive impairment.

In an earlier time, while detecting the IQ level of a person, the experts purely focused on the cognitive abilities, but the latest studies on human intelligence suggest that along with the cognitive abilities, a person’s IQ level is identified by analyzing how the individual functions mentally in his tasks of day-to-day life.

In the historical records of medical science, individuals who scored below 70 in the IQ scores were deemed cognitively weak. Such individuals were called “mentally retarded,” but the term “mental retardation” was never considered a derogatory comment and was neither used with an insulting intention.  This term was later replaced with a scientifically sound term “intellectual development disorder,” which was more acceptable among the public.  

 Following are the most common causes of intellectual disability in humans:

    • People with genetic conditions like Down Syndrome are often diagnosed with a cognitive disability.
    • Recreational substances such as alcohol and drugs, if taken during pregnancy can impact negatively on the brain function.
  • Illness such as seizure disorder and injuries like head trauma can deteriorate the mental health of an individual.

The Advent Of New Age Nootropic Drug—Modafinil

There have been several discovered compounds in time-to-time which claimed to be the closest to NZT 48 pills—the fantasy pills which were shown in a popular Hollywood movie. However, most of those claims were never substantiated by the drug regulatory department. But, a medicinal compound discovered in the 1970’s with the name of modafinil confounded many experts. Modafinil tablets were first formulated with a target to treat sleep disorders like narcolepsy, shift-work disorder and sleep apnea but with the repeated clinical trials of the drug, the nootropic properties of the medicinal compound was discovered. Modafinil tablets now not only could help the user to get rid of bad bouts of midday naps but also could help people with average IQ levels to boost their cognitive performance.

In fact, average doses of modafinil pills were taken by a troop of defence personnel when they were deployed in a warlike situation. The feedback received by the user of the new age nootropics was mostly positive. It was reported that most of the users experienced an enhanced attentiveness and was able to think more promptly during difficult situations. Such experimental use of modafinil led to a huge popularity of the drug in UK and US. Thereafter, there was a widespread production of modafinil in UK, US and many countries of Asia. But, people should remember that these cheap modafinil drugs would only be effective on a person whose IQ score is above 89 i.e. the person is having an average cognitive ability. You can buy modafinil tablets online from any online drug supplier and that too, without a doctor’s prescription. Modafinil pill can cause a drastic improvement in the cognitive performance of the user but don’t expect to learn a foreign language overnight with the usage of this nootropic agent.


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