Evidence OF Modafinil On Cognitive Enhancement

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Modafinil’s efficacy on cognitive function of the brain has always been called into question by the critics of the drug, but each time the facts associated with the medicinal compound and the supportive statements from the reputed medical practitioners and medical establishments have subdued the claims made on the effect of this pharmaceutical nootropic.

Modafinil is a new age nootropic agent which is scientifically classified in the eugeroic class of drugs and has been proven effective in the enhancement of the cognition performance of the brain. The pharmaceutical product has been categorized as a schedule IV substance for its low potential for drug abuse.

Here is a case study on Modafinil, which was carried out in 2015. The results revealed some evident facts about the modern “smart drug.”

The study conducted on Modafinil included a variety of cognitive test. These tests were performed on a dozen individuals who participated in the study as volunteers. The participants in the program were given a normal oral dose of generic modafinil (150mg). In the review of the test, it was found that more than 80% of participants showed improvement in decision-making ability, planning and fluid intelligence. The more complex task was given to them, the more modafinil helped them to execute the task with smoothness.

On detailed diagnosis of each individual participated in the test, it was clear that on those which modafinil didn’t seem to bring to any positive effect were actually suffering from certain impairment. Most of those people were reported to have a mild brain injury —concluded as the root reason for the ineffectiveness of modafinil in those people. The final conclusion of the study manifested that modafinil is effective in a perfectly healthy person with a normal cognition. In case of suffering from any brain impairment, the nootropic would not be as efficacious as it could be on a perfectly healthy brain.

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