Celebrities Who Experienced The Benefits Of Modafinil

The Benefits Of Modafinil

Modafinil is a eugeroic drug which works as a nootropic agent as well. A generic modafinil compound consists of two enantiomers: R-enantiomer and S-enantiomer, each has its own functioning process and effect in the central nervous system. Lately, scientists managed to develop modafinil further and extracted the R-enantiomer out of the whole compound. R-enantiomer later got a formal name of Armodafinil, which possessed higher half-life and was prescribed to people who wanted a boost in their mental alertness. Modafinil is considered as the new age smart drug which has proven to be as effective as expensive nootropics. In the 1970s, adrafinil—the predecessor of the drug was widely used but it came with certain side-effects.  But, a renowned French scientist did further development work on adrafinil and an advanced and safe drug in the form of modafinil was synthesised.

Modafinil tablets, right from the time of discovery drew the attention of several elite scientists and it remained the most talked after subject for over a long period of time. There were a lot of critics of this drug at the beginning and discordance was common. But, when the benefits of this drug were scientifically proven, modafinil tablets finally got a nod of consent and support from its critics. Following that, the pharmaceutical nootropic agent got a final approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of narcolepsy, shift work disorder and sleep apnea. Although there has been no formal statement from the scientist yet, modafinil can be used as an off-label drug for the treatment of ADHD and it can enhance the cognitive function of the brain as well.

Realizing the benefits of a drug like Modalert tablets (a branded form of generic modafinil, the demand of the pharmaceutical nootropic constantly rose in the market. People liked the fact that modafinil was never listed in the Schedule H drugs (drugs listed in Schedule H category are prescription-only drugs) and they could buy modafinil online as well.

Another thing which impressed most of the users of this drug is that it never made the users feel jittery like the conventional smart drugs. Even the celebrities didn’t hold back and there have been reports that some big names from around the world regularly used modafinil in expectation of gaining an intellectual edge in life.

Here are the names of those famous celebrities who have been known as frequent users of modafinil and armodafinil:

  • Barack Obama:- In one of the reports of 2010 White House reports, President Obama was suffering from the problem of jetlag and later in the medical reports of Mr Obama, he was found to be on some wakefulness promoting agent like modafinil.


  • Hilary Clinton:- However, this is not a proven fact but many sources reported that she was using modafinil tablets to treat fatigue.
  • Dave Asprey:-The inventor of bulletproof coffee and the biohacking expert has been a regular user of modafinil over the years. He admitted that he wouldn’t have reached the apex of success if he hadn’t used such drugs. It helped him to improve his concentration level in a huge way.


  • Tim Ferris:- A famous American businessman and public speaker admitted on a public platform that he has used this drug on rare occasions.

Other than these famous personalities, many other people buy modafinil and regularly use this medicine to experience the boost in their cognitive performance. Especially, modafinil in UK has become a widely sought-after drug and most of the users are quite satisfied with the benefits of this medicine.


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