Can Cocaine Addiction Be Treated By Modafinil?

Modafinil treats Cocaine addiction

People with their run-of-the-mill job often aspire for a rip-roaring life. Some with their mundane lives, often cross the threshold. Several of them reportedly try a recreational substance like Cocaine. In fact, some elite professionals from Silicon Valley also never shied away from indulging into drugs. They admitted that they snort this white psychoactive substance to feel a rush in their bloodstream and the brain However, these people also don’t deny that continuous usage led them to cocaine addiction. And, who once embarked on this brain-doping journey could never get off this addictive ride.

Is There Any FDA Approved Medicine For Cocaine Addiction?

At present, there is no medical compound which FDA approves as an official remedy for cocaine addiction. On a practical note, only the strong will can help cocaine addicts to wean off the substance. But, there were few experiments made in this context. And, scientists advised a medicine Modafinil to a bunch of cocaine addicts who were desperate to kill their addiction.

Astonishingly, scientists found that a modafinil 200mg dose was giving the same feel to the addicts which cocaine could do. Later, scientists conducted a detailed study on this subject. They found that the wakefulness effect of modafinil tablets enhance the neurotransmitters in a similar way as cocaine would do. But, a modafinil tablet like Modalert would not inhibit the receptors of the nervous system, unlike cocaine.

Modafinil is a eugeroic medicine and an effective treatment of narcolepsy. FDA and EMA approve this medicine for shiftwork disorder as well. But, modafinil has several other off-label applications as well, countering the withdrawal symptom of cocaine is one of them.

Where Can I Buy Modafinil?

If you are one of those who suffer from a cocaine addiction problem and wants to get off the dependency then you can buy modafinil online from a trusted source. But, remember to check the credibility of the pharmaceutical supplier as many traders sell knock-off products. A trusted supplier of medicines would offer the cheapest modafinil to the customers without asking for a prescription. Furthermore, it becomes the user’s responsibility of modafinil that he/she sticks to the lowest dose of the medicine who takes the medicine with the intention to attenuate the cocaine addiction. Exceeding a dose of modafinil 200mg in any scenario can lead to serious adverse effects.

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