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Neuroenhancement is the process of enhancement of brain neurons which are directly responsible for brain activities like cognitive thinking, critical thinking and memory function. Neurobiology is a vast subject, which includes the physiological, anatomy, molecular biology and even psychology as well. In the context of this article, we are only that segment of neuroscience which is responsible for the development and regulation of brain activities.

A human brain an integration of millions of neurons which are weaved within the central nervous system. The ability of thinking by a human brain greatly relies on the way each neuron transmits the information to the next following neuron in the path. The speed at which these neurons transmit information decides the witness of a person.

The enhancement of neurons in the brain is a common thing which many professionals and University students are seeking. But, neuroscience has discovered that the augmentation of neuron performance is only possible when someone doesn’t have any mental illness.  Recent discoveries suggest that nootropic compound such as modafinil tablets can improve the health of brain neurons and boost the brain performance of a person.

How Does Modafinil Help In Augmenting Brain Performance?

Scientific studies have been conducted on the pharmaceutical nootropic called modafinil. The studies suggest that modafinil’s chemical properties primarily target the endocrine system, which works as the controller of the transmissions of hormones in the body. But, the secondary effect of modafinil tablets has been observed on the central nervous system as well. In the nervous system, cheap modafinil tablets help to establish new connections between the neurons of the brain. This boosts the transmission rates of thoughts from one neuron to the other and enables the person to think at a much faster pace.

Modafinil has always been in demand of the pharmaceutical market for its proven effect on narcolepsy. But the drug gained more popularity since a troop of defence personnel experimentally used modafinil during war-like situations. Reports say the use of the nootropic agent helped the soldiers to stay alert and more focused. The drug also helped those personnel to fight the urge of sleep.  Resources suggest that those individuals found modafinil tablets 200 mg as the optimum dose of the drug.

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There was a time when thousands of seekers of drug always felt disappointed due to the non-availability of modafinil in the pharmacies.  The major reason for that was lesser production and lack of smooth distribution of the drug in the retail market. But, things have been streamlined over the years and people can buy modafinil online now from a registered online pharmaceutical store. The easy access to modafinil online allows the seeker of this drug to choose from different brands of the same generic compound. In the current scenario, Modalert tablets and Artvigil are the best available brands of generic modafinil available which are known to be synthesised by the purest form of generic modafinil.

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