Best Natural Ways To Fight Narcoleptic Syndrome

Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological disorder which causes excessive sleepiness and sleep-paralysis. The health condition can cause hallucinations which impact the quality of life of a person quite negatively. Studies suggest that in the UK more than 200,000 people are affected by this syndrome and most of the reported patients of narcolepsy face a huge decline in their career and academics.

The known symptoms of the disease include uncertain bouts of nap attacks and overwhelming fatigue, usually start during adolescence but there has been no fixed age to be affected by this disease. Unfortunately, despite the advances in medical science, there aren’t many medical treatments found effective to treat this sleep disorder. Out of those limited medical methods to treat narcolepsy, one is modafinil. Classified in the eugeroic class of drugs, Modafinil was first solely formulated to treat the narcoleptic syndrome. The drug was found effective in the clinical trials and FDA didn’t take long to approve the drug for the treatment of narcolepsy, shift work disorder and sleep apnea. Also, the drug was registered in the list of Schedule IV substance—a medical compound which has extremely low potential for drug abuse. Moreover, the drug started getting available as an over-the-counter (OTC) drug due to its off-label uses. Modafinil was rediscovered as pharmaceutical nootropics in the recent years which led to the booming sales of the oral medical compound. Although a consistent dose of cheap modafinil tablets can attenuate the effect of narcolepsy, there are some natural ways also, which can be combined with modafinil tablets to have a greater effect on the narcoleptic syndrome and can speed up the recovery rate of the ailing individual.

 Here are some clinically proven natural methods to subside the effect of narcolepsy:

  1. Plan Short Naps In Intervals

For an individual affected by narcolepsy, it’s very difficult to remain awake throughout the daytime, even when he/she is engaged in any physical or brain-engaging activity. Instead of falling asleep with uncertainty, make a schedule of short naps at intervals, throughout the day. The body will develop a habit based on the new sleep-wake cycles and will help the person to avoid the uncertain nap attacks.

  1. Vitamin D Is Good For Maintaining A Healthy Sleep-wake Cycle

As per the studies, most of the patients of narcolepsy have been reported with Vitamin D deficiency. Doctors commonly state that people might suffer from fatigue and body pain due to vitamin D. The correlation of Vitamin D and narcolepsy is the latest discovery in medical science. So, we know that sun is the optimum source of vitamin D. It is advisable for narcoleptic patients to at least spend 30 minutes out in the open and feel the sunlight on the body to replenish the loss of Vitamin D. Also, there are several food sources through which you can obtain the required levels of Vitamin D.

  1. Exercise Can Fix Your Sleep-wake Cycle

A half an hour session of light-to-moderate exercises can help in getting relief from depression, brain fog and all those other problems which collectively intensify the effect of narcolepsy. Yoga is another good option which is practised worldwide to achieve the physical fitness and it also works as an anti-anxiety method.

  1. Omega-3 Rich Food Can Improve Cognition And Palliate Narcolepsy

According to an article published in a leading health magazine, omega-3 rich food can enhance the cognitive function of the brain and also counter the effect of narcolepsy. The fatty acids present in the omega-3 rich food like salmon, sardine, mackerel, walnut etc. helps to form and recover the cells in the brain.

It’s inevitable that a narcoleptic affected person would be living a disturbed life and at the outset of these aforesaid practices, he/she might not see immediate improvement in the health condition. But, such natural methods require patience as they have slow effect in the human system. If you are one of those, who want a faster remedy then you can buy modafinil and resort to the regular dose of this wakefulness-promoting drug while following the natural methods as well.

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