Best 5 Tricks To Increase Your IQ

Best 5 Tricks To Increase Your IQ

It might be astounding for many of the people but there is a recently discovered society here on the planet earth which is flourishing with the new members with high IQs.  This society is called “Mensa” (aka Nerd Herd)—probably considered as a secretive society but a curious or an exploring brain must have bumped into this name somewhere in the vast world of information technology.

To get into this elite group of Nerd Herd, you need to take a test and need to score amongst the toppers of the test. Only top 2 percent qualifiers are given the privilege to enlist their names on that golden list of standout IQ kings.

Time and time again, some scientists have been heard saying that there is a correlation between genetics and IQ, but they could never substantiate their claims with solid scientific evidence. Studies show that people with high IQ level always have higher chances of gaining success in their lives.

For those ambitious people who have previously participated in some random IQ tests and failed miserably, it doesn’t mean your intelligence can’t be boosted. If you add perseverance to your existing qualities you could still achieve that level of intelligence which can probably take a man closest to the characteristics of a Superhero.

You can test your potential to become a super-brainy by trying out the test of Mensa—a qualifying rank in this test will indeed entitle you to with the tag of a genius.

But, before you make an attempt for such a brain-teasing test, you need to hone off your knowledge and skills to amplify your chances in cracking the official test.

Here are the five ways which can help you to stretch your brain and increase the IQ levels:

  1. Look Back Into The Renaissance Era

Never be complacent with the knowledge you already possess. A man who wants to grow intellectually must be a student of life. Flip the pages of history, science, art, music, literature etc. Try to read until the information inculcates in your mind, that can add depth to your mind and character. Reading some mathematical equations can also add up to the brain workout.

  1. Take Up The Challenge Of A Brain Game

Choose any brain game and practice the game for 20 to 30 minutes a day. It can show a drastic improvement in your working memory and can have definite improvement on the IQ meter of the brain. Dual N-Back is a popular brain game which is preferred by most of the members of the Nerd Herd.

  1. Cardio Exercises Allows Endorphin Release Which Cause A Boost In The IQ

It might be surprising to many but spending a good long gruelling session in the gym doing the cardio sessions can distress your mind and cause the release of endorphins that send the brain into overdrive. The more endorphin is released the better the chances to improve the intelligent quotient.

  1. Try The Certified Smart Drugs To Experience The Cognitive Boost

Intelligent quotient or IQ test describes the cognitive ability of a person. To experience a direct effect on the cognitive function, you can resort to the correct dose of a smart drug like modafinil. Modafinil is a modern pharmaceutical nootropic which is certified by FDA and has a proven effect on the cognition process of the brain. The best thing about this brain-boosting drug is its affordable cost. Available at the 1/8th price of other traditional smart drugs, cheap modafinil tablets can be purchased online.  But, you shouldn’t get tempted by the fact that you can buy modafinil online because taking the medication in excess can have side-effects on the body.

  1. Learning A Musical Instrument Can Enhance Your Spatial Reasoning Skills

Studies prove that playing music can give a complete workout to your brain. Playing any musical instrument ignites the intellectual fire and produces a lasting impact on the spatial reasoning skills. The coordination of the hands and eyes with the brain signals develop the IQ of a person to a great extent. So, release your inner rock star for 30 minutes a day and realize your true potential.

 Once you have included the aforementioned steps in your regular lifestyle for about 90 days, the path to becoming the IQ king would be less difficult from there on. Make a time slot for each activity and on continuing this disciplined lifestyle for a while, you would soon find yourself ready to take up the challenges of the Nerd Herd test.

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