5 Tips On Taking Modafinil In Right Way

Taking Modafinil

Modafinil is a eugeroic drug which can work as a nootropic agent as well, if taken in the right way. Modafinil was first discovered to treat the problem of narcolepsy and the drug passed the rigorous quality checks of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well.  Since the circulation of information about this drug, a large population affected by narcolepsy consistently chose to buy modafinil in UK. Unfortunately, many of the buyers of modafinil just buy the drug in impulse and without sufficient research. And, a pharmaceutical compound, irrespective of the drug class would definitely cause some mild-effect and this might spook the user for a while.

Such eventualities can be avoided if you follow the 5 easy tips mentioned below:

  1. Choose The Dose Meticulously



Modafinil tablets would work on narcolepsy only when it is taken in the perfect dose. Generally, people are afraid to start with a strong dose of the eugeroic drug so they prefer a mild 100 mg dose of modafinil. But, it’s not inevitable that if a milder dose worked for other people, it would work for you as well. If you are in the escalated stages of narcolepsy, then a 200mg dose of modafinil pill would be ideal and can treat the bad bouts of nap attacks without leaving any serious side-effect.


  1. Timing Of The Dose Is The Key

Modafinil tablets usually have an onset of 45 minutes to one hour. The effect of the drug last up to 15 hours and if you are thinking that you can arbitrarily consume this drug at any time of the day, then surely, you would face some reverse effect. If you take a dose of modafinil tablet at 2P.M then the effect would last till 2A.M in the morning perhaps, and that’s going to spoil your somnolence. Modafinil is always recommended to be taken at the start of the day. This would help you to feel fresh throughout the day and would enhance the alertness as well.

  1. Eating Is Important

Tip on modafinil tablets


A eugeroic and smart drug like modafinil can suppress the appetite of the user. That’s why it’s crucial to remember the timing of the meals and any meal must not be skipped. Under the effect of modafinil, it’s possible that you wouldn’t feel those hunger pangs, but, you need to keep eating to maintain the metabolism.



  1. Ample Intake Of Water Is Important


It is highly possible that once you take a dose of modafinil tablets you would be highly engrossed in your duties in the workplace and this can make you forget to drink water. In any case, it’s very important to keep replenishing your body with fresh water. Keep a reminder on your phone and drink a 200 ml glass of water in every one or one and half hour.


  1. Avoid The Sessions In The Gym



Some people have shared their experiences about their enhanced brain performance but, the enhancement of focus should be used in the right way. In the case of modafinil, it’s not recommended to hit the gym when someone is under the effect of the drug. It might increase the sensation of pain in the body.



Modafinil can be a revolutionary drug if it used in the right way. People can buy modafinil online without any prescription and can get rid of their embarrassing moments caused by the narcoleptic syndrome. This drug can do wonders on the performance of the brain as well, but a controlled use is advisable to avoid any unpleasant side-effect. So, get cheap modafinil tablets and transform yourself into a more alert, awake and witty man.

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