5 Common Causes Of Cognitive Impairment And The Best Drug To Boost Cognitive Performance

Boost The Brain Performance

It is very common among old people that they lose their thinking abilities with time and get confused with their memory.  There might be thousands among you whose grandparents tend to repeat the same thing, over and over again.

Such impairment in the memory function often leads to the following questions:

  • Is the memory impairment due to ageing or some other serious medical condition is behind it?
  • Is it Alzheimer or some other kind of dementia?
  • Who should you consult for the right guidance?
  • Can the condition be treated?

Such deterioration in the mental health can be due to several underlying conditions. Also, it’s not necessary either that a person would suffer from an impaired memory function only due to ageing. Technically, problems in the memory and other functions of the brain are termed as “cognitive impairment.”

In scientific terms, due to cognitive impairment, a person might lose concentration, suffer from foggy think and can find it difficult to recall things. Any other problem related to the brain function can be related to “cognitive ageing.”

To understand the concept of cognitive dysfunction or impairment, we need to know about the root underlying causes of the ailment. Following are the most common causes for the damaged cognitive function:

  • It Could be Caused by the Medication Side-effects.

As per the scientific studies, there are many pharmaceutical drugs which interfere with the brain function. Mostly, sedatives and tranquillizer drugs are the most common medications which have shown a negative effect on the cognitive function of the brain.

  • An Imbalance in the Metabolism Might Cause the Damage.

It has also been observed that metabolic imbalances could damage the cognitive function. An abnormal level of sodium or calcium and damage in the kidney or liver function can also become the cause for metabolic imbalance.

  • Hormonal Problems

hormonal problems

In some cases, improper level of estrogen and other sex hormones have been found to be the cause for the deterioration of the brain health.

  • A Psychiatric Malady Could Be The Reason For The Downfall Of Cognitive Performance

Most of the psychiatric illnesses can cause damage to the memory function and can affect the thinking ability of the ailing individual. Some of the psychiatric conditions which have been found in the medical studies to produce a negative effect on cognitive function of the brain: depression, anxiety and paranoia.

  • Substances Abuse Can Cause Potential Risk To The Brain Function

Overindulgence into recreational drugs and acute intoxication by alcoholic beverages, both can attribute to cognitive damage.

So, you must have known about the most common causes of cognitive impairment now. If the due diagnosis reveals any of the above condition as the underlying cause of someone’s cognitive impairment, then the individual should seek an immediate treatment to attenuate the ailment before it escalates to further stages and cause more damage to the functionality of the brain.

We have discussed in the above section about all the common health problems which can have an insidious effect on the brain and can damage its cognition process. But, what about those people who feel that their cognitive ability is not as sharp as it should be… and the medical diagnosis of such individuals doesn’t reveal any underlying medical condition either…!

The Best Drug To Improve The Brain Performance

Well, we can relate the cognitive ability of a brain with the overall intelligence. The higher the IQ level of someone, the better the cognitive performance one can display. From a scientific point of view, even 10 men, who are declared mentally healthy, doesn’t mean all will possess the same level of intelligence or cognitive ability.

Fortunately, there is a way for a layman with a normal mental health to improve the cognitive performance. Science has approved of certain pharmaceutical nootropics which are clinically proven on the enhancement of brain performance. Modafinil is one such nootropic agent which has been discovered to increase the neuron production in the brain and establishes new connections between the neurons, which collectively cause an augmented performance of the cognitive function. Modafinil in UK is easily available today and people with average mental health can buy modafinil without any fear of any side-effect of the drug. The cheap modafinil tablets just cost over £ 1(per tablet) and have been classified in the Schedule IV substances—the drugs listed in the schedule IV category of FDA do not have any potential risk for addiction and don’t cause any major side-effect. This medication can create more alertness in the user and causes a significant improvement in the concentration level. But, this is not to forget that a modafinil pill would only be effective if the user already has a completely healthy brain function. So, resort to the usage of these cheap modafinil pills only if you are sure that you have a completely healthy brain. Modafinil might transform you from a normal human into a superhuman.


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